City Of Bones Review

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Review time!!!! Okay, so this will be my third review in like a week. I decided to put my currently reading book on hold to read The Mortal Instruments Series. I have heard nothing but praise for these books and so thought it was time that I board the Cassandra Clare train and finally see what I have been missing. I’m sure most of you have already read this book, but for those who haven’t, here is a little synopsis to get you started:

Clary truly believed she was just like any ordinary teenage girl. That was until she began to see things everyone else was blind to. One minute she was arguing with her mother and the next she was thrown into a whole new world, where fairytales and myths come true; Shadowhunters fight the demons, and the demons invade the earth and its humane element. Clary is brought on a thrilling adventure to discover her true identity and the story of her mother who has been captured by the person Shadowhunters fear most. Along the way, she encounters Jace, one of the best Shadowhunters of their young generation. With him on her side, Clary peels back the layers of her hidden life to reveal that the world and her family is not who they all seem. A novel filled with thrilling events, and a twist that will have your jaw hitting the ground. What will Clary make of this new world and her new family?

Okay, first of all…. OH MY GOD! Why have I not read this book before? Clare literally had me gripping the edge of my seat throughout the events she featured. Words can’t even describe how I felt when I finished this book only an hour ago.

How did Clare create such a story? I thought the book was very well-planned out and the each event affected the other. This made it harder for me to put it down. I actually ended up putting my English assignment off until the very last minute. It was due today and because I became so engrossed in this alternate world that is crazy, I had to stay up until five this morning writing it.

I am so loving the characters in this book. Clary is obviously one of my favourites and Jace of course. I love how Clare conjured this image of Clary being a normal teen who discovers this whole new identity. In most books I have read, the characters suddenly become intrigued and will do everything in their power to learn this new life, whilst messing up everyone else’s life. I felt that Clary hesitated when she realised that there was more to life than friends and her mother. It was like she was intrigued, but also knew the dangers before seeking further into the pit. It gave her a more realistic personality and it also allowed me to respect her character that bit more.

I just love Jace’s nature of jumping in for a fight. He doesn’t run scared, or even fear that he won’t make it out alive. He just goes for the target. It’s like fighting these demons gives him the happiness he claims is absent since he left Indris. I know this is a weird trait to like about a character. I think it gives him more of an edge and that badass image Clare tries to create for him. He is the reason why her readers are gripping the edge of their seats. The audience is so intrigued about what he will do next that they have to keep reading.

I also love Isabelle’s character. I know she hates Clary at the start, but she reminds me a lot of Alice from Twilight. I think in all the series I have ever read, Alice will always be on the top of my list. She has that sisterly nature that makes me smile when she transforms Clary for the party. Simon and Alec do kind of annoy me though. Without giving too much away, Alec really needs to learn how to chill and embrace his… feelings (you will understand if you have read this book)? Whilst Simon is an amazing friend, he just gets in the way of Clary and Jace.

Okay, so I have liked Luke from the start even when he made Clary hate him. I knew it was a charade all along, so I was just waiting for him to come prancing (this becomes clear when you read the book) in during the time when she most needs held. Jocelyn… don’t get me started on her! Why wouldn’t she tell her daughter about her former crazy life? I just think that was so wrong. I know she wanted to protect her daughter, but it really didn’t go too well. And Valentine is just a psycho! He actually really reminds me of Voldemort!

Moving on from characters… I get emotionally invested in them, I thought Clare did an am`amazing job of setting out her images. Imagery can be hard to conjure in these types of fantasy books because no human has ever experienced what authors write about. So, to really imagine Jace holding a seraph, or Isabelle holding her whip is unusual and strange to the mind. However, I believe that Clare was successful in portraying the weapons used and the appearance of the demons she includes. It made the book more magical and thrilling.

The twist in this book is amazing! I literally started to cry and my sister thought I was some sort of freak… yes, this happens quite a lot. Like, at first I just questioned everything Clare had written about. Why would she do this to me? What is going to happen now that they know who they are? I am trying to hard not to spoil anything. I just wanted to place myself in the scene of the book and kill Valentine myself, then hug Jace to comfort him. Like, whyyyyyyy? The ending was left on a major open and I am so excited to start reading Book 2. I just don’t know if I can deal with all this. I am only one book in and I have already been in tears.

I rated this book five stars on GoodReads. This book was truly amazing and I regret not reading it sooner. I am all the more excited to begin watching the new Shadow Hunters tv series airing next month on abc family. It looks really good. I would recommend this book to anybody over the age of fifteen. The fantasy can be hard to follow if younger people try to read it. The plot can be quite confusing, but once you begin to read and grasp the plot, then you will just become obsessed with it. Clare has really got me in a tight hold now, and I’m afraid I just can’t get out.

That’s it for this review. Please give this post a like if you enjoyed it, and comment below any of your thoughts. I really hope you are enjoying these reviews that I post and many other posts that you can read over on my blog. Pop along and follow my Blogmas too.

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