The Trouble With Dating Sue Review 

Okay this review is exciting! I know this is my second review in like two days, but I just had to write this one! If you have been following my blog for a while now, then you know how excited I have been for this book. Funny story actually, when I saw this on iTunes, it said it was being released on the 3rd December. I waited patiently since July and went to buy the book yesterday until I discovered that it had been released at the beginning of last month. I was so angry, but relieved that I was finally going to get to read it. Here’s a little synopsis to get you in the mood:

Following Dating Trouble where Sue experiences her own fairytale, we are brought into Chris’ mind to see his side of the story. How can a little geek like Sue see right through his charm? Chris becomes intrigued with Little Sue the moment she approached him in the school hall. Every other girl would fall at his feet if he flashed them a smile, or even looked I’m their general direction. But Little Sue doesn’t  want him, she wants his brother, Ethan. The question that baffled him was: does Ethan want Sue? It may have started off as a challenge to win her affection, but Chris soon discovers that his heart is telling him something more. He can tell that Sue is hiding back the thrill she feels when she’s around him. but can he make her see that he can put aside his womanising ways and let his true self shine through? A heart breaking, yet romantic thrilling companion novel that instantly warms your heart and gives you the feels all over.

I literally finished this book an hour ago and still have the feels! I am just in love with this book and Chris! Like, IT IS PERFECTION! Following my previous review to Dating Trouble linked here, Katmore, being the generous author she is, gave her readers Chris’ insight. I just love this book so much and Chris’ version of the story.

There is two things that I have to say though. 1. Katmore, the cover isn’t that nice. 2. I understand your little note to reveal that there was no epilogue of Sue’s pregnancy, but I was so looking forward to it! Will there ever be? They are my two critiques, but that is all.

You guys know that Sue has been my favourite character from the beginning, and then Chris became my ultimate favourite in Dating Trouble. I became so emotionally invested in these two characters of the series and I can’t seem to stop, so I have an obsession.

The events are the exact same as before, but we are given exclusive scenes of Chris’ life amongst his friends and family. I am a sucker for those cliché stories about the player falling in love, and Katmore really gave me what I was looking for. I loved witnessing Chris’ attitude begin to change. He only ever dated one girl for every night, and now he only wants one girl period. Like, how cute is that?

I also loved observing how his personality also changed. He was cool and fun around his friends, but loving around his family. Then, there was the whole teasing thing around Sue. Katmore really gives her readers a total exclusive insight into his multiple personalities. It really expresses the true nature of how people behave around certain groups. Was I the only one who noticed that and am now really weird?

Anyway, his character is the kind of character every girl secretly wishes for. I love how Katmore doesn’t care about all the clichés and just goes with it. I know everyone likes something new, but it is okay to let us girls dream. I think Katmore really opens up that window for letting her readers believe that there is a guy out there who is like Chris, even though reality tells us differently. Not every reader has to go against the clichés and try and produce something new and thrilling. Sometimes it’s just perfect when you have the perfect love story in front of you to dream about your future Prince Charming, or in this case, your future Chris Donovan.

I literally smiled so much throughout this book and also cried through some stages, but in the end, the warm fuzzies and tingles felt were a good sign that this book would forever be one of my favourites, as well as Dating Trouble. I am just saying that the next young adult romance thrown at me has some pretty high bars to beat, because Katmore is just amazing.

I rated this book five stars on GoodReads. My only two objections were the cover of the book and the absence of the epilogue that I was desperately waiting for. All in all, I absolutely adored this book and cannot wait for Katmore’s new book, Unforgettable Summers, being released next year. I would recommend this for anyone, particularly girls, above fifteen. There is no inappropriate moments, but I feel these age groups would understand the events more and would have more emotion throughout the book. This Young Adult book can really get a good point across to teens and young adults that there is always love and happiness to come out of some sort of life, and that luck will always be there when you least expect it to be.

That’s it for this review, please give it a like if you enjoyed it. And comment below any of your thoughts. I hope you are all having a wonderful and stormy Friday, if you’re in Ireland or the UK. Also, are you reading my Blogmas? If you’re not, hop on over to my blog and give it a read!

Thanks for reading,

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