Blogmas Day 3

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Today’s post is my Christmas Favourites.

This will just be things in general as I have broken this down into films, songs, and snacks.

  1. Cookies. Who doesn’t love festive cookies during Christmas?
  2. Christmas 24. Best channel on Sky during this magical time. I have already spent the whole of November watching it.
  3. Jumpers. Both Christmas and non-Christmas. I am a layer kind of person. Summer is too fleshy for me. I love to wear my baggy, woolly, fluffy jumpers and jeans with my leggings underneath. I feel very festive and cozy when I have my layers on!
  4. Blankets. Like I said layer! I would wear a blanket around my shoulders when I’m chilling at home, writing my blog, catching up on notes. I wrap up in a blanket watching Christmas 24 and seaweed wrap myself when going to sleep. Blankets is life!
  5. Snow. This is like everyone’s favourite!
  6. Candles. They are my all-year-round favourite, but they are extra special during Christmas.
  7. Dinner. Christmas dinner is bae! Nothing beats it!
  8. Christmas carols and songs. I have been listening to my Christmas playlist on Spotify since 1st November. Am I a little too obsessed?
  9. Books. I love wrapping up and reading when it’s dull, wet and cold outside.
  10. Lights. Okay, so I have bought like three sets of Christmas lights for my room. I have already put them up and am waiting to buy a mini tree to decorate too! I go all out with decorating!

These are my top ten Christmas Favourites. They are in no particular order by the way. There is so much more, but for your sake, I cut it down to ten. I really hope you enjoyed his post, please like if you did. Comment below and tell me your Christmas Favourites. Stick around for tomorrow’s Blogmas Post!

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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