Blogmas Day 1

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Welcome to my Blogmas posts this Christmas! I have been so excited to share this with you guys and actually get the chance to participate in this. I have been watching so many YouTubers doing Vlogmas and was praying that there was such thing as a Blogmas. Luckily, there is.

I am going to be posting on this blog (where else) from 1st December to 25th December. I have so many ideas and, for once, I am all organised. Here is a little synopsis/snippet for what you will be reading this Blogmas.

  • Christmas Favourites. I will be throwing out all my favourite films, songs, snacks, you name it and it will be there.
  • Gift ideas for the fambam. I know I always need some direction to go on for my shopping.
  • Christmas Book Tags. I have found some really good tags that I think you will all enjoy.
  • A new years bucket list
  • What I got for Christmas

These are the few ideas that I have for you guys. If you want me to post any of your ideas, or want to request a post, comment below or contact me via email/twitter linked right here. Also like or comment and let me know if you are enjoying my Blogmas posts too. Stay tuned for some magical ideas and enjoy your countdown to Christmas! Let me know if you are participating in a Blogmas/Vlogmas this year!

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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