December TBR

Welcome to my first TBR post! I have recently posted my November Wrap Up, so today I am going to tell you what books I plan to read in the wonderful, and magical month of December. I am currently reading Echo by Alyson Noel and will be finished within the first few days of December, so that doesn’t really count. I have this need to read The Mortal Instruments Series. I know half of you will just freak out at the fact I have not read this series. In the previous months of starting this blog, I have heard nothing but praise for Clare’s series. I just feel like I need to read this series.

  1. Mystic – Alyson Noel
  2. Horizon – Alyson Noel
  3. City Of Bones – Cassandra Clare
  4. City of Ashes – Cassandra Clare
  5. City of Glass – Cassandra Clare

I don’t think I will have a lot of time this month for the amount of reading that I want to do, but I do have a lot of books on my Christmas List this year.

I know this was a short post for today, but from 1st December to 25th December, I will be participating in Blogmas. I have watched so many Vlogmas over the years, and recently discovered that there is a Blogmas. I have all my ideas set out for you guys and I really hope you like it. I am so excited so please stay tuned for Blogmas Day 1.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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