The Infinite Sea Review

Hey guys! I knowScreen Shot 2015-10-20 at 23.05.25 it has been a few days since I have posted. My weekdays are just hectic at the moment with college and work and what not. Fortunately, I have managed to finish The Infinite Sea and couldn’t wait to write this review for you guys.

First thing’s first, the synopsis of this story: Moving on from achieving to survive four waves, Cassie and her comrades must keep going in order to survive what is next to come. Saving her brother and finding other people just like her, they set out on a mission to find shelter and a place to hide from the Others. Only things don’t go as according to plan, they never do. With everyone splitting up, no one knows who is lost and dead, or alive and safe. The hope of Evan’s return still lies strong for Cassie. But, what happens if he does find her? He has the answers to what they want to know, but is he willing to go against his species to help his beloved?

Okay, I have to pause here for just one moment and freak out. I thought the first book was amazing. Click here to read all about my thoughts on The 5th Wave. Back to business, this book was even better.

Normally when a series starts, the first book introduces you to the characters and the lives they live. The author gives you a taste of what their world is like. The second book gives you the gory details and answers to the questions you’ve been asking yourself. If it continues to a third book, the map of the whole plot is laid out for you. This is exactly what Rick Yancey does with this book.

Being the second book in the series, Yancey is now giving us some answers and details. At first, all I really cared about was Evan Walker’s return. If you have read my previous review, then you know that he was one of my favourite characters. My love for him continues to blossom in this book, even though they all make him out to be the bad guy. News flash, he isn’t!

Compared to the first book, I like the character changes in this book. Although Ben/Zombie didn’t even get one chapter, Yancey gave his readers a taste of other less important characters. I found Ringer’s story interesting, especially when she relives the last few moments with her father. We learn who she was before she became Ringer, and what life she led.

Cassie bugs me a little in this book. I mean give Evan a break! I know he broke your heart leaving you the way he did, but he saved your damn life! Then, she gets mad at everyone else for saving her brother. I don’t really get it, but perhaps Yancey was trying to create a tense atmosphere amongst the comrades to show that not everyone agrees with the heroine or hero.

Ben sort of grew on me, I have to be honest. I wasn’t his biggest fan in the previous book, but I love the way he doesn’t do anything unless he has everyone. He has no one else left to fight for and defend, so I think he just wants to be there for someone. Although, does he have some feelings toward Cassie? Or Ringer? I’m a little confused. I mean I understand why he hates Evan, he’s a Silencer and what not, but does his hate go beyond the fact that Evan has Cassie’s heart and he doesn’t? Or, am I reading too much into this? Comment your thoughts below.

All in all, I thought this book was amazing. As short as it was, Yancey really blew me away with the plot twist. I literally had to stop reading to get my head around it. Vosch just came out with it and it was so unexpected. I really don’t want to spoil anything, but like Razor really caught me off guard too. I mean I know he has feelings for Ringer, that much is so obvious. But, what the hell? One minute he’s helping Ringer and everything is going according to plan, and the next he is silent and hiding the truth! I really want to believe that he will go against everything, because his character was so cute. I mean come on Yancey, first Evan and now Razor. He really is too generous.

I would rate this book four stars. I loved the plot, the characters and the twist. This book blew my mind even more than the first book. I honestly can’t wait for The Last Star. I would recommend this book for everyone and anyone, once you’ve read The 5th Wave first. The plot and characters will seriously blow your mind. I can’t believe Yancey had the imagination to create such a story.

That’s it for this review, I hope you liked it. Comment below if you have read this book and leave some of your thoughts. If you haven’t read it and want to know more, comment too. I hope you are all having a peaceful Sunday.

Thanks for reading,

PierinaReads ❤


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