Reading Slumps

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This is every book worm’s worst nightmare. I, myself, constantly go through this dark period of my life. Non-readers just don’t understand this challenge that we face. I hope these tips will help you get out of your reading slump whenever you are experiencing one. They certainly help me.

1. Acceptance

Denial will only make this more painful than it already is. You need to accept that that hole in your life is an empty one. This is because we are not getting the entertainment we need. Once you accept that you are going through this tough time, everything becomes that bit easier.

2. Grieve

I know the grieving process normally comes before the acceptance, but I think knowing what is happening and being able to grieve about it is helpful. Now you know that you have accepted the pain, you can embrace it until you feel numb. At this stage you know that its time to so something about it.

3. Organise

Go through your whole bookshelf/electronic bookshelf and reorganise it. This helps deal with the fact that you have so many great books that you can read. Once you have finished organising, go ahead and pick your favourite books. Click here to read tips on organising.

4. Comfort

Now that you have picked your favourite books, it’s time to make yourself comfortable. We, booklovers, are known for reading in the most uncomfortable and weirdest places. All we need is the adrenaline the book supplies. However, during reading slumps we hurt and when someone is hurt, comfort is the best cure. Get into your cosiest clothes/pjs and snuggle up with a hot drink and blanket. Turn off the lights and light some candles. This time is about you healing and getting back into your rhythm.

5. Reading

Focus all your attention in the here and now. You are snuggled up and nothing is going to stop you from reading your favourite book. This is the book that brings you happiness and makes you cry at the same time. Not even screaming siblings will get in your way. Take your time and don’t rush! You are beginning to get back into it.

That’s it for this Tip post. I really hope you liked it. I relate to this post so much as I constantly go through reading slumps. Work and college can get in the way and when the day is done I just don’t want to read. But, there is a void in my life when I don’t. I find that these tips help, no matter how silly they seem. Give them a go and let me know if they were helpful.

Thanks for reading

PierinaReads ❤


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