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Winter Feels

So, as you are all awareScreen Shot 2015-10-30 at 00.08.40 of, winter is right around the corner. And, by that I mean in two days time. Long gone the Halloween preparations and all the beautiful colours of the leaves. Winter is settling in as everything becomes cold, wet and bare. It may be the dullest season we have, but it is the most festive and spirited πŸ˜€ People begin to gather together for Christmas as they shop for presents and decorate the tree. It is a season of remembrance and family. With this we have the young people returning home to see their families once again, and the romantic seasonal Christmas and snow-fall weddings. It is the New Years kiss that saves us really. A fresh new start. We are saying goodbye to one year as we enter another. With each passing year we learn and continuously make mistakes, the next year we learn from them πŸ˜‹ Santa is only a reward we receive for the hard work and effort all year round, and he is the best reward at that πŸŽ… So, readers and bloggers, prepare yourselves for the cosiness and warmth of the fire. It is the time of year where we get to be lazy and read all we want whilst sipping our hot chocolate. People can’t judge us for not going out on a sunny day because the days will turn dreary and dull. This is our season to shine 🌟 Enjoy your winter and the many snowmen you build in the snow (if it will snow this year 😜)

PierinaReads ❀


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