Girl Online Review

I finally Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 17.00.15managed to get my hands on Zoe Sugg’s second book today 😁 I am already halfway through it and thought I should review the first one too! Reviewing Girl Online will help you get a better feel of my thoughts on the book.

In a nutshell: Penny is just your average teenage girl, who has some anxiety troubles. This does not help when her former best friend, Megan, is beautiful and popular. With an incident that shames Penny into hiding away, her parents surprise her with a trip to New York for Christmas. Upon planning a wedding (their professions), Penny stumbles upon ‘Rock-God-Tastic’ Noah Flynn. He takes a sudden interest in her as they explore the city together. Penny finds herself drifting away from her everyday worries and into a nostalgic state. Could everything be too good to be true? Or is there something that could her ruin her secret identity as blogger Girl Online? This could be a make or break situation for Penny and she has to overcome it.

I fell in love with this book when I first laid eyes on it 😊 I only started watching Zoella videos over the summer and didn’t even know she released a book until I stumbled upon it in Eason one day… isn’t that a wonderful love story? 😜 I like the fact that it is a hardback… it makes the book feel more valued… okay that’s just weird.

Zoe Sugg completely took me by surprise. I did not know she had that in her really. I was in awe by her characters and how she conjures this picture of how the world works. She views the world from a teenage perspective. Bills and politics aren’t a problem when you are young. Love and finding you way are, and Sugg really expresses that in her book 😍.

I also like how she used some of her characteristics to create Penny. It really gives her readers an insight into some of her worries and troubles in life, and to better understand her as a person. The plot was unusual. Although it is a teen book, the events seem to be different from other books I’ve read.

I just love how Noah and Penny meet ❀ It is my favourite scene in the whole book. It is something I would picture myself writing if I ever wanted to pursue a writing career. Sugg really brings her characters together and gives them all some sort of link. There is no one left out on the side. They all just clash together. I appreciate this feature as it gives the book a more realistic and structured sense. Some books can have characters spread out all over the place. This can be frustrating for readers to remember. Sugg relieves us of this trouble and saves us the energy of remembering their part.

I would have to say that Elliot is probably my favourite character. He is so quirky and full of knowledge that he really spreads some light. I love how he comforts Penny in her time of need, but also gives her advice to ensure that she lives her life. And, I can’t forget their knocking language (you will understand if you’ve read the book 😜). I would love to have my best friend live right next door so we could create a knocking language πŸ˜‰. Sugg really brings the innocence of youth into this book. I like the fact that she does this as it sends me back to when I was younger.

I would rate this book five stars. I don’t have a bad word to say about it. The book is aimed at a younger age group of twelve upward, so the language was comprehensible and very easy to follow. Sugg uses a lot of British slang and phrases and traditions that being Irish I understand some of them, as we use them too. I am so used to reading a lot of American authors that Sugg is a breath of fresh air. I would recommend this book to any girl over the age of twelve, particularly if you have some anxiety struggles. I know I am eighteen and reading this book, but it really gives me some of my innocence back and makes me see that the world was so much simpler when I was fifteen and clueless about jobs and money 😊 It is a nice read for when you are just too sick of living your college life where you have to worry about your job and money.

That’s it for this review! I really hope you liked it. If you haven’t seen Zoe Sugg’s YouTube videos, click here. Also check out her blog: hereIf you would also like to purchase this book, I will link them below too. I shall have a review to the seqeul of her book up soon. I hope all my Irish readers are enjoying their midterm, and all my international readers, I hope you have a happy Tuesday 😊 Stay tuned for more posts soon.





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