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Review time!!! So, in my last post, I mentioned that I had finished reading Find Me. Can I just give Romily Bernard a round of applause please. Like… WOW! 😍 Bernard, you brought everything to the table, you are now on my top authors list! I should really do a post on that 😉

Short story is; Wicket grew up in a broken home. The only thing she was thought and ever knew was computers. With her Mom gone, Dad on the run and the cops on her tail, Wick has to defend her sister, Lily. A brutal suicide of her former friend, Tessa, opens up a whole new world where Wick and Lily are no longer safe. Someone wants Lily, and he intends to get her. Can Wick be the sister Lily deserves her to be? A novel filled with thrilling scenes, heartbreak and of course love. There is no knowing who the man behind the computer is and what he is capable of. It is up to Wick to put her talent to use and save her sister from the cruel world beyond.

Can I just say, I think I’m getting better at these 😉 It is no lie when I tell you that I read this whole book only yesterday. I ordered it last week and had to wait so long. As soon as I woke up and got my post, I didn’t put the book down. I know college work should come first, but Bernard you are an exception 😁 You completely blew me away! If you have seen my About page, then you know that I am a fan of thrillers, romance and crime all rolled into one. I, literally, couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages.

Bernard is very laid back with her work in a way that it is an easy-going book. What I mean is that it’s easy to follow and you don’t need to reread 😜 The simple language and broad images left the mind to do most of the work. Bernard just played the scene out in words, but I had the control to shape my characters and their appearances the I wanted to 😊. She gives you the reins.

The characters were all in somehow related to one another (not biologically or anything like that 😜). They all had their parts where they each encountered at some point. I thought this was a nice gesture, as characters in most books can be very much separated. This means that you have to remember who is who and who belongs where. This book breaks that rule as everyone is involved. I would also like to mention that the characters each play their part. Although the main character is Wick… each of the characters are important. I mentioned this before in The 5th Wave Review. The book isn’t just fixed on one person, it is fixed on them all 😊. I think this is an important feature as the author expands their ability to give other characters life and meaning.

It was the plot that really caught me off guard. I didn’t expect the book to end the way it did, or for the events to go the way they did, This kept me on tenderhooks, wanting to know what was going to happen next. Bernard didn’t leave a gap in the middle, which most books do. Theses gaps can be boring sometimes 😶. She, yet again, breaks the rules and dives straight into the details. She doesn’t stop for a break, she faces the challenge head on and achieves 😁. This made me appreciate her more as an author as I now know her capability to truly entertain her readers.

I would rate this book four out of five stars. I wish there was more of a story for Wick and Griff, but you can’t always get what you want 😜. This book reminds me of a series I watched: Eye Candy. I loved the show, and therefore this book was even more appealing. I would recommend this to anyone over fifteen. There are no inappropriate scenes for younger eyes, but the book itself is based on a man behind a computer who perverts on teenagers… It’s sounds weirder than it actually is 😜. Bernard outlines and emphasises the dangers technology can bring, but also the blessings it can bring also. In my opinion, I think Bernard tries to tell young girls to be weary of who you trust. This book made me think twice about social media, hackers, safety and security on the internet.

That’s it for this review. I hope you enjoyed it, let me know in the comments 😊. I will have a link below if you wish to purchase this book. Make sure you keep up to date with my GoodReads to see what I’m currently reading, and watch out for my next review. Thanks so much for reading. Happy Wednesday 😁.



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