Back To College

Hey guys, how was your day? πŸ™‚

Today I am going to be posting some tips for juggling college and hobbies. For me, reading is my main hobby, what’s yours? With college and schools starting back, the free time you had in the summer becomes less and less. You are constantly commuting, doing assignments and catching up on notes. This leaves so little time to continue your hobbies 😦 Here are some tips for you:

Tip 1: Organising

It is important to have a schedule early in the semester/term. With all those study classes and weekly appointments, there is not enough room for thinking about hobbies. This doesn’t have to be a problem. Put together a small timetable, or take advantage of the calendar on your phone for the week. Knowing your schedule can be easier to see if you have some free time to persue your hobbies.

Tip 2: Take A Break

Personally, I think it’s crucial to have a break each day from your work to do something nice for yourself. This could be joining a club or society in college or in your community. These are mainly evening hours so they don’t clash with your classes. This can be good to relieve some stress from all the essays and work that has to be done (especially Leaving Cert). I hope to join some clubs this year in college, so I can have some time to meet new people and take a break. Or, this could simply be watching Netflix for an hour, catching up on some Pretty Little Liars. You can do whatever you want to distract your mind from college or school πŸ™‚

Tip 3: Work

This is a major issue for some people in college. Most students have part-time jobs during the college terms. With work hours, studying, assignments and commuting, there doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day. Try leaving a day in your week completely free. This could be a Friday or a weekend day. This may not be possible, but if it is, it gives you one whole day to be lazy and relax. Pick up a book and read all day, go to the cinema, play a match, sleep in till three πŸ˜› Work can be complicated, but having a day off can be rewarding πŸ™‚

Tip 4: Study and Assignments

In my opinion, I always prefer to get assignments and study sessions out of the way. I prefer to start my essays whenever the work is given to me. This means that it will be done and out of the way until the deadline (normally three weeks). This gives me plenty of time to catch up on notes and fit in study sessions. After that, I have more time to myself to read, or blog. Getting your work done early can also ease your mind as it is done and not constantly on your mind πŸ™‚ There have been plenty of days when I don’t do assignments until the day they are due, but try to outgrow this habit. I am still trying πŸ˜›

Tip 5: Socialise

This is most people’s main hobby. Whilst you are organising your schedule around classes, assignments, study, work, make sure you also get time to go out with your friends. This doesn’t have to be out in a club. It can simply be going to the cinema, having some dinner, a movie night, a sleepover. Just make sure that you take some time to actually talk to people so you don’t begin to cave in on yourself πŸ™‚ Juggling college can be hard but friends make it all worth the while πŸ˜€

I hope these tips are useful for any of you who are going back to college and school. It is hard to think about yourself when you are constantly on the go from Monday to Friday, but working around everything can give you some free time. I know i definitely need free time each day anyway πŸ˜› Thank you so much for reading. A new review shall be up soon πŸ˜€


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