Play With Me Review

Hi guys! I havScreen Shot 2015-09-14 at 18.35.41e a new review for you today 🙂 Despite the title, I love this book. Anna Katmore has a Grover Beach High Series that I fell in love over the summer. I bought this book on iTunes, which is very accessible when out and about. I felt like rereading it and so I did yesterday. It is only a short book, nothing too heavy or major, but that is the reason why I love it ❤

The basis of the story is; Lisa loves her best friend Tony. Tony secretly loves her too but never shows any real sign. After spending most of his summer away at soccer camp, he returns with news for Lisa, news she will not like. After meeting his soccer buddies and the potential threat to Lisa, she becomes adamant that she will become part of the co-ed team. Little does Lisa know that the captain, Ryan Hunter, has pulled some strings and made her a team member, despite her horrible skills. Perhaps, Hunter has something else in mind for Lisa. Now Lisa is feeling a little overwhelmed by the two guys she has seemed to have fallen for. This could only lead to a dilemma.

Katmore really helps brighten your day when you read this book. It is light-hearted and humorous. I love how she writes this book in Lisa’s perspective. It gives a bit of mystery to the other characters, such as Hunter. When I first read this book, I honestly didn’t know what was going to happen. Katmore is unpredictable in her storyline.

As a young adult author, she has to ensure that her work is easy to read. I am so grateful for this. Sometimes when you prefer a book that is a little less daunting with all the pages and words, Katmore gives me an escape with her books. I normally read intense books with a chain of events, and it can become overwhelming. Katmore allows me to take a step back and enjoy a nice romance for once 🙂

I appreciate how Katmore isn’t too detailed in her work. I don’t mean description wise. Lately, I have found that some of the young adult books can be a bit too detailed for me with regards to relationships. She just allows the story to flow and takes it easy. This is refreshing for once 😛

However, Katmore uses a great sense of detail in this book. It is very helpful when trying to conjure pictures and scenes in your mind. She describes each character’s appearance. I also found that she left some room for her reader’s to add their own qualities. For example, I used her description of Hunter’s dark hair and brown eyes to match his perfectly toned body ❤ She allows her reader’s to be creative with her characters.

Katmore has other books in this series that I adore. Another review will be needed and should be up soon about another one of her books 🙂 I would recommend this book four stars out of five. I did think the story was too short and I was left wanting more. I suppose that is a good thing really. This book is suitable for teenage girls who are looking for something light and easy tor read. Trust me, it will a smile on your face by the time you are finished.

Thank you for reading this review. Please purchase Katmore’s series on iTunes, or your kindles. They are a nice escape from the heavy books out there 🙂


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