Insurgent Review

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Hey people! I have only discovered that I have not done a review on any of the Divergent Series books :O I have chosen Insurgent (Book 2). Hands down, this is my favourite out of the series.

While there is a beginning, there is no end to this book. This is my favourite feature of it. I know there is more to come and the story doesn’t end there. Insurgent kept me waiting and second guessing. Everything was still a mystery. As the plot thickened, it kept me on my toes (or on my butt on the couch). This is basically the ongoing plot.

Roth has won me over! She is amazing and so talented to have created such a thrilling and addictive book. Tris and Four learn of the corruption within the city and won’t stand down. They discover more and more about their lives and how they are watched from every angle every second of the day (creepy). I particularly loved the growing relationship between Tris and Four (Theo James though ❀ ). They learn more about each other as they continuously fight the hatred against them, i.e Jeanine. It also shows the support people have. When Tris and Four needed help, Amnity was there. Relationships are important in these type of books. With a lot of action happening, the more alliances the better.

Roth words the book simply, which is easier for the reader to become taken up with. Her vivid imagery also compliments this. Personally, I thought that the book was easy to convey because of these two features. It made the book more exciting and thrilling. Simple wording allows the images to become clear in the reader’s mind.

I always seem to find a message in every book I read. In my opinion, I believe Roth was trying to say that no matter the circumstance, you should always be true to yourself (or maybe I read into things too much πŸ˜› ). With Tris fighting against Jeanine in order to stay alive, she has little time to remember that just because she is different doesn’t mean she isn’t important. Being divergent is unique among the small group, but they are no less human than regular humans. Having Roth made Tris a strong, female lead in this series expresses the strength of women.We see her strength when she surrenders herself to Jeanine’s experiment to save the people she cares about. She was fighting her demons and staying true to who she was. No one should treat you differently.

I have to be honest, I didn’t agree with the relationship between Tris and Caleb. I understand that he betrayed her, but he is her only family left and she still treated him badly. Everyone has to forgive sometime, so I thought that her giving him the cold shoulder was too much. Honestly, I believe it would have been interesting for them to unite and fight against Jeanine together. He has all the intel about her that she needed, and she threw it away.

I would rate this book four out five stars. I loved this book particularly, but knowing how Allegiance ends (I won’t spoil it), made Tris’ strong, willing soul mean nothing. Well, it did for the people of the city, but not for her. I would recommend this book to all above the age of twelve. It is exciting, thrilling, mysterious and will blow your mind.

I hope you enjoyed this review. If you haven’t already read this series (most of you probably have) then I suggest you purchase it and spend all day reading it πŸ˜› Thank you for reading. What is you favourite faction, book, character? Let me know πŸ™‚


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