Hey Guys!

I thought I would just throw out a random blog post today! So, I have a beautiful alaskan husky who is eight years old and is the friendliest dog ever. The problem is he loves to roam around, the good news is that I have a massive garden suited to him for roaming. Yet, he wants more freedom so he decides to dig holes and jump fences in order to get out and have an adventure. My only fear is that he has no sense of direction and if he roams too far one day he won’t be able to find his way home. My little village is surrounded by farms and fields full of sheep and cows, Chief, loves other animals (he doesn’t try to eat them), and if a farmer sees him, he might think he’s a threat and pull the trigger! Do you guys have any advice for me, that doesn’t involve any electric collars or cruelty? He is my baby and I don’t want to lose him…

Do any of you have problems like this with your dogs? What kind of dogs do you have?


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