The Longest Ride Review


Hello to all you amazing people out there that I don’t know 😀 So, I have found some time to write this review. First of all I have to say that I am completely in love with this book! It is probably one of my favourite books ever… so I’ll just get right into it:

The amazing Nicholas Sparks combines two love stories into one book, which fascinates me as to how he does this. This book caught my attention with the fact that he incorporated some country and western. I am a huge fan of all things country, vintage and cowboys (so not a normal teenager).

The basis of the book is Ira, a ninety year old man, reliving the memories of his one true love, Ruth. Sparks brings us through every detail of their love story, from when they first meet to the last moments of their lives together, whilst he is trapped in his car that slid off the road from the snow. The plot then diverts to the lives of Sophie and Luke, who first fall in love at a rodeo. The story continues and it is pretty obvious that there is bumps in the road and they fall head over heals for one another.

I appreciate the fact that he dives straight into the past events of the lives of the characters. Sparks relieves his readers by entwining the two stories, so they can jump from one relationship to the next. In my opinion, I think this is a clever trick as to add mystery for his readers. As he stops on an important point in one relationship, he dives straight into the next. This leaves his readers wanting to know more and keeps them interested. It certainly worked on me as I didn’t put the book down until I was finished. I love the contrast between an old, undying love and a new, lusting love. It expresses the raw emotion and how it doesn’t fade for most relationships. The detail Sparks uses is exquisite as he gives a brief description of his characters, yet, he leaves room for his readers to create their own image and background. This intrigued me as I was able to open my mind and use my imagination to create a whole new setting. Let’s not forget Scott Eastwood and Britt Robertson though ❤

I would recommend this book to all who have an interest in romance. Sparks has a certain gift for writing in a way that he conveys emotions through his writing. This is a nice way for people to take a break from reality and let you create another world where anything is possible and love is real (I’m sounding a bit weird now). On that note I will finish this review and leave you guys to think about reading it if you haven’t already 😀 Have any of you seen the movie yet?

I hope you all enjoyed this review and if you have any requests don’t be afraid to contact me on twitter or email. Thank You ❤


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