Vendetta Review


Hey! Sorry about the delay on this post. I am going to write a brief review on one of my favourite books at the moment. Some of you may not have heard of this book yet as it is written from an Irish author, but if you haven’t I hope you will read this novel and spread the talent of us Irish… because we aren’t all leprechauns ๐Ÿ˜› So, here it goes.

Catherine Doyle caught my attention with the book cover and immediately I was hooked. A book based on romance and mafia, or as she explains on her twitter bio: half twilight and half mafia. For one I am a big fan of mafia, not the old style, where they slaughter families and so on, but those related with family feuds. Doyle decided to include the romance and give the story a bit of meaning, which was a perfect way to catch my attention, as I love a bit of love. I also loved the fact that she based the book on teenagers and young adults and not old guys with hearts made of ice… no offence old guys. Here is a brief summary of the book:

Sixteen year old Sophie is devastated of her father being sent to prison. She works in his diner where she fatefully stumbles upon Nicoli Falcone. They begin to fall for each other, as expected, until he discovers her surname as being a Gracewell. These two families are feuding over a secret not told until the end of the book. But Sophie is hidden from all the secrets, and just as a stubborn teenage girl would, she becomes part of the fight too.

Her use of words were so clear that you could paint the picture in your mind. I appreciate the fact that she didn’t dwell too much on the details of appearance, as some do, so the readers could create their own characters. This is something that appeals to me as she is allowing her readers to further open their minds. She includes the thrill and sensitivity of characters as so her readers could personify them, and make them more realistic in their minds.

Apart from her exquisite techniques, I truly believe that this book opens up the truth of the world in a violent point of view and makes us think about life that little bit more. I would recommend this book to all teenagers and young adults, as it would give them a thrill… and also to share Doyle’s talent.

That’s my review for this book. If you haven’t read it already… READ IT! It is an amazing book written by a imaginative Irish writer… just spreading my love of the Irish population ๐Ÿ˜€


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