The Fault In Our Stars


Hey guys! So I finally got around to writing this review for this amazing book that I completely love. Enjoy! 😀

John Green has written one of the most heartfelt book that I have read in quite some time. His detail and perception of the way the world works is beautiful. You all probably know the story line by now but this is the low down: Hazel, cancer patient, and Augustus, another cancer patient, meet at a cancer support centre where they instantly click. From this point the two come close and begin to fall in love. It wasn’t only his story line that drew people to read his novel, it was the movie in which gave life to the book. Shailene Woodely and Ansel Elgorth gave a convincing performance in their movie, which made me appreciate life a little more.

As events continue in the book, I adore the romance that sparks between them. It isn’t childish or too intimate, it is honest and caring. Most books you read nowadays can be too passionate or over the top too sexy, but this book ignored most rules of a romance novel. This shined some light on to a new world where we learn to see life through the eyes of those who suffer in pain and fear. We take for granted life as we have it and although their characters were told that they wouldn’t have a normal life capacity, they took every opportunity as they saw it. Green’s imagery was poignant as he deeply described the side of being ill and lightened the mood with a funny scene of Isaac throwing eggs at his ex-girlfriend’s house. He balances the emotions in the book, which also allows the readers to be drawn in.

I would recommend this to all teenager and young adult (no matter the gender). Putting aside its romantic genre, we should be able to realise that life for these characters are tough and that life is short. In my opinion, I believe John Green wrote this book, not only out of his imagination, but as a metaphor for people to live life to the fullest. This book deserves a rate of five stars as I have not critiques on the book, or the novel. I would also like to mention the trick in which Green ended the book on an open note. Just as Peter Van Houten did in An Imperial Affliction, he leaves on the word ‘Okay’… a vital word that this book strives on.

That’s my review, I hope you like it! I didn’t want to write some boring review of the events, but more to create a discussion about it. Please feel free to leave comments discussing your thoughts on the book. Thank you guys for reading 🙂


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